Gillette® takes the pressure out of shaving with new Gillette Skinguard Sensitive, with revolutionary technology designed to stop irritation for men with sensitive skin.

Gillette’s Latest Innovation Features New SkinGuard Technology That Is Clinically Proven for Sensitive Skin and Certified by The British Skin Foundation.

Gillette has introduced Gillette SkinGuard Sensitive, its latest product innovation specifically designed to stop the irritation many men with sensitive skin experience. The innovative razor places a breakthrough SkinGuard bar positioned between two of Gillette’s best blades to gently smooth and flatten the skin away, taking the pressure off the blades during the shave. This gives guys with sensitive skin a comfortable shave without the irritation. With research certified by the British Skin Foundation (BSF), Gillette SkinGuard Sensitive is clinically proven to stop shaving irritation, allowing all men to have a comfortable shave, taking the pressure off to help them look and feel their best.

A survey commissioned by Gillette through an independent market research firm found that one in three (33%) British men consider themselves to have sensitive facial skin, with almost half of men (49%) saying dryness and redness (46%) were the biggest indicators of sensitive skin.

Gillette decided it was going to crack the code on irritation during the shave, and quickly saw that the majority of problems men experience are tied to a shave that is too close for their comfort level.

Kristina VanoosthuyzeSenior Scientific Communications Manager at Gillette

We are delighted to continue our 117 year history of innovation to provide a better shaving experience for all men. Gillette SkinGuard Sensitive delivers an unrivaled shave for guys with sensitive skin. Men face many pressures in life, shaving shouldn’t be one of them. Gone are the days of worrying about redness and irritation before a night out, first date or important meeting, Gillette SkinGuard Sensitive takes the pressure off the blades and the pressure off your shave.

Matt ThomasGillette and Gillette Venus Brand Manager, UK & Ireland

We challenged ourselves to rebuild the traditional razor from the ground-up, optimizing for comfort above all else because we believe all men, including those who have sensitive skin, deserve to look and feel their best.

Kristina VanoosthuyzeSenior Scientific Communications Manager at Gillette


Gillette SkinGuard Sensitive addresses the problem of shaving irritation through revolutionary design innovation. Of the UK men with sensitive skin surveyed, half (50%) reported using hot water to shave, but only 12% found this method effective at reducing the effects of sensitive skin while shaving. Similarly, two in five (44%) of these men have tried shaving less often to try and reduce the irritation they suffer due to their sensitive skin, with just under one quarter (23%) finding this practice most effective.


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