I was very lucky to be onboard with TG 911 London – Bangkok. This incredible experience with Thai Business Class on the Upper Deck of the A380 and I was escorted to my window seat by the friendly cabin crew. The seat is large and semi private, the 1-2-1 configuration works classic.


I got the window seat with spacious room to store my things. At the same time, the angled design and curving seat-backs provided a good deal of privacy.

The Safety Video

Award Winning Meals

Menus and instruction card were in a folder on the seat, along with a amenity bag and slippers.

The cuisine menu has a concept of Samrab Thai, which evidently exhibits the richness of the Thai Culinary Arts. This time I choose its Herbs Marinates Roasted Chicken Breast with Salted Caramel Chocolate Mousse. Indeed taste amazing!

and shortly after this dinner, I went to bed. The full-flat seats, definitely very comfortable!

The Next Day

Good morning! To be honest I woke up because of the delicious breakfast smell! (always my favourite breakfast!). Indeed I did have a good night sleep!

In summary I truly enjoy Thai’s Royal Silk Class Experience From London to Bangkok, indeed it is one of my favourite flight!

Stefano Malachi

Stefano Malachi

Stefano Malachi, a luxury lifestyle blogger who is at the top 1% reviewer on Tripadvisor UK. He is an Instagram Star who has visited 29 countries to experience their local culture, architecture, & gastronomy. His honest review and bubbly personality have brought him to be well-known in the hospitality industry.

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